BRAC University is not just an institution. Here are many untold stories, memories that we live everyday. Here are the top 10 facts about BRAC University.

1)  TARC 

You live only once. You Got To Live TARC just once. It’s an once in a lifetime opportunity.

The Bonding, friendship , every single thing of TARC can’t be expressed in words.

01 tarc

2) Awesome Friendly Faculties

Yes, nowhere you will have this much friendly faculties.

02 awesome friendly faculties

3)  Clubs- Extracurricular participation and leadership opportunities.  Clubs are fun . A perfect way to make bondings more strong and learn leadership skill.

03 clubs

4) University Turns Into Stadium. Oh Yeah.. You will hear Tiger Roar right from BRACU.

04 stadium

5)  You don’t need to say a lot of words. Only one word can explain your everything. Ladies and Gentleman I present to you the most used word of BRAC University….


6) Here everyday is a day of festival . Everyday BRACU People celebrate togetherness & their bonding.

06 everyday is a day of frestival

7) Hundreds of major and career options. Success always remains at doorstep.

07 hunders of major and carreer

8) Buffet Food . Yes you guessed right.. We are talking about the Bot-Tola.08 buffet food

9) Facebook is blocked?! No worries BRAC people have their own little secret.


10) The Bonding is for forever. Even after completing the Graduation The bonding  remains the same.

10 bonding forevr

Here are the top 10 reasons BRAC University lives in heart. Did we missed  any reasons?  What is your most favorite reason . Let us know all the comment section below…

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