Aged 34, Graduated 3 times, Unemployed, Still a virgin, trapped in my parents’ house

Do these lines makes a big buzz on your mind ? We know the answer is YES cause what we expect is after graduation we will easily get a job, have our dream life but the real world is totally opposite. You gotta struggle and fight for every single staff.  We highly recommend you to watch this video ,

Don’t just get trapped yourself by family. Listen to your family but learn how to take risk in life. Life is certainly not a bed of roses and in the long run if you always keep yourself busy listening to others . One day there will be none to listen you cause this world is cruel and it doesn’t help the needy people. For every single penny or stuff you gotta fight like a real man. BIG Hearted people are always less demanded than MONEY .
Money talks a lot in this real world.

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