Clash of Clans is a MMO Strategy game that is available for iOS and Android. The game was developed in 2012 by Supercell and since after then the game went viral. These days smartpphones without this game!! We cant think about that. Soon this game started to gain popularity in Bangladesh . We are so glad to put a real interview  with a real big name –KHADIZA! , Khadiza Khaleque Mitu.


For those who don’t know who she is well she has the official highest donation record within one season , she donated more than 3 lakh troops which is a record itself.

It was the very beginning  when she started playing COC and that was the beginning of Mighty WARRIOR’s never ending journey. Today she is the top player of Bangladesh with 237 XP. Yes you just read it right it’s 237 XP !



Her trophies were 5195 on the January 2016 season & her troops !! Don’t you dare to even think about giving your base a test with her maxed war troops. Making her village wasn’t a simple task at all. Sometimes she had to play 18 hours a day to keep her ahead on the top. It was her dedication which brought her here today.

She got a perfect  Trophy base that  it’s hard to even think about getting a single star !


When we asked her about what’s the secret of her aggressive war attacks she smilingly replied “1971” . Have a look at her base how she decorated it to show her love for Bangladesh as the top player of this nation.   The clan she is currently envolve is named after the glorious birth of this nation.


The best part is my Hubby is the leader of this clan & we understand each other so perfectly that we never faced any problems. A lot of couple’s complained about they can’t give time to each other for this game, but where there is REAL love; everything seems possible.

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